About us

JBS Expedite Ltd is a premier Expedite Carrier located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We specialize in Expedited shipments between Canada and the United States of America. Our company is dedicated to servicing our clients in achieving their transportation goals. Our services also include contingency plans to ensure that all orders are verified in advance prior to shipping.

We utilize additional experienced employees in areas of operations and dispatch to ensure all our clients are properly serviced. Communication between drivers and dispatchers is maintained hourly and shipments are recurrently tracked while on route.

We operate round the clock to provide better and efficient services for our clients. It is our intention to attract customers that will choose us over the competition today for our dedication and performance, and will choose us tomorrow for our safety and outstanding services. Our drivers are qualified to meet the standards of the D.O.T. (U.S.A. Department of Transportation) and the M.T.O. (Canadian Ministry of Transportation) and that of our Insurer. All drivers hired have a minimum of three years driving experience; possess a clean driver’s abstract, and are 100% focused on the client’s needs.